Grading Scale










Below 75

I = Student has not completed enough work to receive a grade for a particular grading period.  (Students are expected to make up all work when they are absent from school within the same number of days they missed.)

Promotion Policy

At the end of each school year, Richmond County Intermediate students are either promoted to the next grade or retained at their present level.  To be promoted, students cannot fail more than one subject and the class failed CANNOT be English (Language Arts).

Report Cards

Each nine weeks a report card for each class will be issued to each student.  This will be based on the work completed that period. At the end of each semester, (2 nine-week periods) exams are given and averaged with the nine weeks grades. The same will be done the second semester.  The two half-year grades will be added and divided by two for the final grade.  Report cards must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the student's homeroom teacher.

Progress Reports

All students receive a progress report in every class approximately two days after the mid-point of the grading period.  This report will give students and their parents an idea whether or not the child is having difficulty in a class while there is still time to improve the situation.  Progress reports will also indicate why the student is experiencing trouble and how the teacher can be contacted.  All progress reports are to be taken home by the student, signed by a parent, and returned to the teachers.

Failure to return progress reports or report cards within three days will result in an after-school detention.


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